Resume Format for Travel RNs


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I need to revamp my resume, but I could use some advice. I have always managed to keep my resume to one page. However, as a travel nurse, I have accumulated a lot of work experience and, as a result, my resume is getting too long. I typically organize each contract like this:

Name of Agency, City, State Dates Employed


- Name of Facility, City, State

-- Job responsibilities (i.e. "Provided competent nursing care on four medical-surgical units.

Any advice on combining assignments (especially since I typically work medical-surgical float) to help save space? Thanks!


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I'm with you on the one page format! You don't need a lot of the stuff you need for a permanent job seeking resume. If you go to PanTravelers>Resources>Downloads, you will find several examples of one page resumes for travelers at different stages of their careers. I think you can also find those samples linked to an article titled Professional Portfolio that may discuss strategies. The samples and the article should give you some good ideas on how to format your own resume.