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Resume for experienced RN in rural setting


Hi all,

I have four years experience in a rural community hospital ICU. I'm now trying to move back to an urban area, but have some concern about what to put on my resume.

The vast majority of patients we care for are pretty basic. Mostly bipaps and urosepsis from the SNF down the street, or ETOH withdrawal for the local homeless population. Anything serious gets diverted from our ER, or else the palliative care nurse comes in to "discuss goals of care."

Occasionally we get patients who are too sick to transfer, but the family wants everything done. At this point, we can do more complex skills in the unit - therapeutic hypothermia, rotation beds for ARDS, TPA, hemodynamic monitoring. These each come up maybe once or twice a year.

Should I put these skills on my resume? On the one hand, I want to show off that I have exposure to these skills, even though I'm in a little hospital. On the other hand, I kind of feel like a fraud since they're not part of my day-to-day practice. To be perfectly honest, it really takes the whole team to do a lot of these things because none of us are all that comfortable with them.

What do you all think? Thank you so much for the input.