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Hi everyone,

I am putting together a restorative nursing program (I am a RN and I did MDS assessments for awhile and now I just started this position) and am starting from scratch, does anyone have any suggestions where I can find some reference books? I will be working closely with therapy in a long term facility. We want to maintain the resident's functioning which will also increase our RUG scores for case mix.

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Sounds intriguing, but could you fill us in a little more? What kind of restorative program? Do you mean rehab? Whom are you restoring and from what? Is this a school assignment, a job project, or ??? It might also help to state your goal and tell us what kind of time constraints you have.

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i would suggest starting with your MDS coordinator to coordinate restorative programs with MDS ax's, since they increase rug scores and reimbursement. Then you will want to ax each of those residents abilities with ADL's AEB feeding, bed mobility, transfers, ambulation, communication, etc. You may only start a program to maintain or increase function. So if the resident is total care with Alzheimer's etc, a restorative program is inappropriate. BUT if they have alheimer's and can still walk, feed themselves and dress themselves you are going to want to maintain those abilities for as long as possible. Unlike with PT/OT you do not have to prove increase in function just maintainance. You may also want to check if your facility has a contract with a private firm that reviews RUG scores and MDS's, they are usually able to help with start up of rehab nursing programs and guidelines. Hope I helped.

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I would try to find a restorative training program. The one I attended was pretty extensive and came with lots of reading and reference material. It was run by Cross Country University, a national company.

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