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Someone I know needs some advice. He was declined acceptance from nursing school and now wants to retake his RN prereqs (Anat, Physio..) to increase his chances when he reapplies to RN school.. It will take a year and half for him to retake Anatomy and Physio 1 with enrollments/deadlines etc. He's also an older student.. around 28 years of age and is pressured by time.

So, in the meantime, he also wants to take up prereqs to become an RT and apply to RT school since it's much faster and easier to get into than nursing school.

Nursing school holds a higher priority for him, he's really using RT school as a fall back plan.

If he doesnt get into nursing school, at least he would have got into RT school.

What do you guys think? Should he just focus on getting into nursing school? Or also take some prereqs to get into RT school as well? Another worry for him, is that he might not even get into RN school because he is retaking his prereqs... Anyone have ideas? His schedule looks like this...

For Fall 08 enrollment he has : Chem1a, RT lab, and then Physics...

He will apply to RT School for Spring 09 semester...

For Winter08: He plans on retaking Anatomy

For Spring 09: Retaking Physio 1

He will apply for Nursing school to get into Fall 09 Semester

How's this looking??????? Is this too time consuming? Is it practical? Could there be a better way to do this? Any thoughts? Please help. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. Thank you.


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As an RT, that seems silly to me. Where I live, its the same pre-reqs except 1 or 2 classes.

Why does he need to retake A&P? Grades?

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Don't take this the wrong way, but I doubt many of us would consider 28 "older." I'd do a lot to be back at 28 and a year out from starting nursing school.

What I'm getting at is - Is it the age that is pressuring this person or is it something else like finances. This information would help with the formulation of advice.

I'm 36 with a family, and I considered RT school for the similar reasons - and decided against it. I really want to be a nurse - for a lot of reasons. It sounds like your friend does too. With apologies to RTs, it just seemed too routine for me. I get bored easily, and I love the eclectic environment of nursing.

That said, I'm surrounded by people who are 10 years younger than I who are doing everything short of killing themselves to hurry up and get done because they aren't "getting any younger." I'm positive that their efforts are shaving quality years off of their lives because of the resultant stress (the leading cause of everything) - and that seems to defeat the purpose of getting done quicker.

I don't know if your friend is willing to relocate, but there is a program here that takes everyone with prereqs without competition. You just get in line. Alas, there is a waiting list.

All of my windbaggetty aside though, if I could understand why this friend is in such a hurry, and what future plans might be, it would help tremendously.


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Okay he is pressured by finances mostly. He lives at home with his parents. His parents always tell him how he needs to make his own money already and get out of the house. He also doesnt want to take loans to pay for his education... His parents pay for his education.

He does work but it's minimum wage. He got a C in Physio and Anat he got a B, so that majorly hurt his chances getting into nursing school.

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