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Does anyone know the difference in the standard ACT and the residual ACT other than the results of the standard ACT are available for multiple schools? I am applying to a nursing school that uses the residual ACT for 80% of admissions criteria if you haven't taken the standard ACT within 3 years. They were using the RNEE up until last year.

I am really stressing over taking this test. I haven't taken the ACT since high school 15 years ago! I made a 28 then, but I have forgotten more than I care to admit. I am hoping the residual ACT is easier than the standard. Any info is appreciated. Thanks....


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I took the residual ACT for my school and it was the exact same test booklet as the standard ACT. The only difference was that they graded the forms right there and I walked away with my scores instead of waiting weeks for it. If you are nervous, get an ACT review book. The only problem I had with it was the more advanced math like trig, there was a little of that on the test. You should do fine though! Just brush up on the basic concepts.


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