reservist critical care nurse going to walter reed


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Hi all, i had some questions i was hoping you could help me with. I am an IMA critical care nurse 66h8a who is being mobilized for an active duty tour. While i would like to go to iraq/afghanistan, the choices i have are Walter Reed, Ft.Sam, Lahnstul Germany, Ft. Wainwright or Ft. Bliss. Im leaning towards Walter Reed. im from new jersey so still close enough to the girlfriend and everything. Im kind of excited becasue this will give a tase of active duty without my having to sign a long contract. I have some specific questions though.

1) Has anyone done this?

2) what is the process like?

3) how is walter reed?

4) would i be responsible for finding my own housing or do i get billeting on post?

5) is there extra financial incentive for a reserve nurse on active duty. someone in oblc told me they give you per diem or something because some people still have to pay a mortage at home while renting near their duty assignment.

6) when i report....what do i do? while ive been in the nurse corps two years i have never drilled with a unit or done any army nursing beyond oblc. although i am 9 years prior service.