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  1. Hello!

    Can you please help me with the consept in the research prosess:
    In Norway we are looking at and asking about the real question or the approach to the questi. your' asking for when doing a research. In Norwegian the "problem stilling". What is the word in English/American?
    Thank you very much
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  3. by   WashYaHands
    We call it the "research problem". It is the situation in need of a solution, improvement, or alteration. The research problem identifies an area of concern.

    The "research purpose" is generated from the problem and identifies the specific goal or aim of the study.

    Hope this helps and is what you were looking for.

  4. by   florry
    Hello Linda!

    Thank you very much for your answer! Tommorow I'm going to a class for reasearchers in Norway; - for learning conversation and so on in English when we are on conference in England and USA (or english speeking events).. ...And I couldn't find this one!