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  1. I was offered a research position with a university hospital. Salary is 55,000. Which seems very low to me. I have 7.5 years of floor nursing along with certification and also was on different committees. I was also a wound champion for my unit which the research is based on wounds. My thought is they would consider these things and at least offer me more on my salary.
    Also the 55,000 is for Ohio area.

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Non-bedside jobs with predictable schedules, minimal weekends/ holidays always pay lower.
  4. by   mdcp
    Doesn't seem fair though. The nurses I talked to that I would be working with work from 730 am to 5pm and sometimes a little after if things go late. That's a lot more than 40hrs a work week
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Not when you take out lunch every day. It's a trade-off. If you want more money then you give up the predictable schedule with nights, weekends and holidays off.
  6. by   Harveyslake
    No poop,...priceless......Take the job. It will lead to bigger things.
  7. by   mdcp
    I am wondering though what other opertunities will researching nursing lead to? What bigger things come if this? I am interested in education so I am wondering if I can get into floor education easier?
  8. by   NurseJennifer3000
    I think your feelings are valid. In my area, the salary is about 10k higher.