Research nurse at gyn/oncology office

  1. I recently took a position at a Gyn/Oncology office. I will be assisting in the office with patients, scheduling surgeries and a large part of my time will be doing research. I have been at the office for 1 week but it feels like 1 year...The research part really interests me and I am excited about getting into that aspect of the job. I have done nursing in an office setting for many years so the other part of the job is familiar to me. The problem I am having is the staff- the office staff consist of probaly 4 employees and they have not been the most welcoming bunch. They answer my questions but they don't go out of their way to really help me- they give me as little information as possible and no more. The girl training me is most helpful but thats who I will replace. I just can't get a feel for it- I am not sure if I am treading on someone elses territory or maybe the want to see me fall on my face. I am very easy going and get along with my peers and Im not usually overly sensitive. I guess I feel really out of place and I feel like I am not connectiing with the staff ??? It makes for a tense situation, at least for me it does.Any input is welcomed....Thanks
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