1. I am an assistant to a research coordinator I do all the transcription for the nurse that is the research coordinator and I do the labs and the vitals while she does the actual visits with patients and all the logistics of that.

    I am contemplating going to nursing school for a BSN, but I have been told if I want to stay in research that they just do not want to pay nurses to be in the field that I should just be an LPN so that I can get a job? Is this information true?

    I also am looking to enroll more patients in our studies we currently have 13 we are enrolling for and I am trying to get the word out. Is there any advise anyone could give me to accomplish this. I work for a rheumatologist so most of our studies are arthritis related.

    I am currently a student and a novice so any advise would be greatly appreciated I am looking at all of you with admiration!

    I am also debating whether nursing or physician's assistant would be a better route to take for my studies. I am just afraid I would not make a good nurse. I love doing what I do now, but sometimes I get bored. I really want to get my degree as well. about nursing: I am afraid I might not be able to handle some of the smells involved. Is that easy to get used to?
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