1. Has anyone heard of a new treatment for psoriasis that has been found initially successful other than the methotrexate treatment. My daughter heard something the other night on tv news she thought that was what they were talking about. Anyone?
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  3. by   Mariah
    My brother-in-law was on remicade which worked wonders. He had a very severe case. He's on another drug that is in the similar class, but I don't remember the name.
  4. by   Sarah_Huff
    i have a mild case of psoriasis. its not very fun.
  5. by   Dave ARNP
    One of the newer treatments that's been extremely successful is Enbrel. I've seen quite a few news segments on it lately, so I would say that's what you're daughter saw. Enbrel is an injection formulation, which was (and I beleive is only) approved for RA. It's useage for psoriasis is still off label (again, to my knowledge). I've seen some great results with it, but it's rather expensive.

    Another good option is Neoral. Also seen very good results with this.
    For mild psoriasis, topical Ultravate is decent.

  6. by   erjulie
    I use flax seed oil caps as a supplement, I have a mild case, but 70% disappeared after I started taking them...and I didn't know it was to help the psoriasis, took it for Crohn's (which also helped, by the way). My mom had a terrible problem with psoriasis, and she had some success with vit d/a supplements.