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  1. Hello everyone!!! I am a Research Coordinator here in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines. My groupmates and I came up with the following topics and I am asking everyone to comment. We are still doing our review of literature, so your comments would really help us in selecting our topic.

    1. Clinical Profile of Nurses diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    we wanted to know whether the demographics, including height and weight of the nurses have relationship with the development of occupational TB. This seems to shallow so I thought since we do not have a detection system in our hospital on whether the nurses have latent TB, i suggested why not do Mantoux test on the nurses to get the number of nurses with actual exposure and relate it to the demographics, or practices. However, a group of pulmonologists have already started a research with similar hypothesis. So, can you suggest other form of detection.

    2. Instillation of Saline during suctioning of ventilated patients.

    3. The effect of constant delays of scheduled surgical procedures on the anxiety level of the patients and their families.

    4. Non-compliance to antibiotics and emergence of MDR infections

    5. Factors affecting Hospital Acquired pneumonia among post-operative patients

    Among the topics what do you think would be more relevant to study on. We really wanted to do number 1, however we could no longer do the mantoux test since another group is doing it.

    can you still suggest some topics??

    Please... Thank you.

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