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Hi, I am presently taking an Intro to Nursing Research course. I have to write a paper on Is Qualitative research methodolgy better for the advancement of nursing as a profession. Can anyone give... Read More

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    I would encourage every student seeking clarification on how to write a research problem, understanding qualitative versus quantitative, or searching for a research topic to speak with their instructor. You are paying for an education and if you are not grasping the material you need to speak up. That said:

    As much as I appreciate qualitative research, unfortunately it rarely translates well into sustainable practice. The ability to objectively quantify a practice, intervention, or a standard lends itself to creating an evidence based practice. I believe as the US moves forward into a health care environment that sincerely places emphasis and value on high quality, cost effective care, the demand for objective solutions will be great and the implementation easier.

    When choosing a subject to conduct research on I believe it must be something you feel passionate about. Research is time consuming, often tedious, sometimes dissappointing, and always labor intensive. There are no shortcuts. If you do not have a passion for the subject matter, you will not connect, much less enjoy the hard work. Think long and hard about what interest you. Surf the net on key words and see what comes up.

    Keep your focus narrow and realistic. For example if you are interested in improving nurse satisfaction, choose one area. Shifts. Pay. Stress. Nursing Model. Then drill down. A few examples: Pay - hospital versus outpatient; hospital versus academic; Intensive care versus med surg etc...Shifts - Day versus night; 8 versus 12 hours; rotation. Stress - patient care; family life; professional relationships. Nursing model - primary versus team; professional relationships; leadership style. Just keep it tight and focused and dig in for the long haul. It is all about identifying what you can measure and then measure it. Most importantly, after you have done the research share it....discuss with your peers, offer to present, publish!
    Thanks for your suggestions. It may be a little late for me in that i am taking an online research course and i am lost and i hate having to do a group project in research -i am determine to pass the course but with lots of prayers. All of my class except 1 is online and i enjoy the in class the most and i have the opportunity to ask the professor about things i dont understandthe most-Due to a work schedule-online is the best way for me to go but i may have to rethink this decision next semester