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  1. HI!
    I am a BSN. I have one year experience in Mother/Baby, SCN and am in the midst of orientation for NICU. I love nursing, but the general stress is making me look for options. Research really appeals to me. I would love to continue to work with neonates and peds in research, whether clinically (preferred) or in pharm. I plan on staying in NICU for at least one year. My questions are:

    1. Where do I start? I live in Northern NJ.
    2. Are NICU research positions available?
    3. How is the job generally. What do you do daily, salary, benefits?
    4. WIll I have enough experience?
    ANY INFO would be appreciated. Thank you so much. T.
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  3. by   Q.
    Hi there-
    I recently accepted a research position that is not necessarily NICU related but may be what you are interested in.
    I am working for a neonatologist who has been funded by the NIH to look at the incidences of and correlational factors of birth defects. I follow the patients through pregnancy and delivery, and then visit the infants while in the hospital and obtain a heel stick. My background is a BSN and 5 years of L&D, Mother/Baby and SCN. I didn't have any prior research experience.

    If you are looking to try to get into research into a specific area, I can only offer you (since I've only been in research for a veeeeryyy short time) to check into the medical colleges in your area; that's how I stumbled upon this particular study. If you are willing to relocate, the college I am employed at has numerous studies going on:

    Surf the site and you might find something appealing.

    Sorry it took so long to reply to you.
    Good luck.
  4. by   t2000JC
    Hi, Thanks for replying! I would love for you to share what you do on a daily basis! t.