new to research nursing 1 yr exp bedside

  1. Hi I am currently working as a new grad nurse in a CT SICU, I have worked for 1 year and am looking to transfer into research nursing. Could anyone tell me what a typical day as a research nurse is like, what is the stress level? Also any tips for preparing for an interview. Thanks!
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  3. by   Rob72
    It depends very much on the facility or unit where you work. I know some where it is a variation of floor-nursing- you do an assessment, hang the drug, re-assess by XX minutes/hours, and go fill out your CRFs (Case Report Forms), and done.

    Others (like my situation), you may do pt. care, regulatory doc generation(drafting an ICF), contract negotiation, invoicing, etc..

    With the study I currently work, I do the consent (with the Doc present), draw labs, drop the specs off at the lab, cull data from the admission note, enter data on our spreadsheet. Whatever you do will be some variation of this, with more or less administrative paperwork.
  4. by   anc33
    Yes, the job description varies greatly. 60% of my job is admin work; regulatory, protocol writing, contracts and grants, billing compliance, and so on. The remainder is split between attending rounds, recruiting and following patients, interacting with ancillary services, etc. I do not actually do much of any direct patient care in terms of procedures. I do interview patients, obtain AE reports, review meds, administer surveys and the like.