Concept Analysis

  1. I have started my master's degree and we are working on concept analysis. I have yet to find any kind of outline to get one started or really good examples of what the foundation of this looks like. Any suggestions on sites or literature for this?
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  3. by   classicdame
    I will tell you the way I understand it, which may not be what you want. Your overall topic of research will have concepts that you need to define and analyze. If my research has to do with the number of patients who successfully complete an American Diabetes Asso. diabetes education program, then I need to define patients, success, completion, diabetes, education----- I will find various articles where these concepts are used so a general accepted definition occurs. Out-patients, in-patients or both? Young or old???? ADA might have one definition of success but other organizations may define it differently. I would want to include the other definition and state why I believe the ADA to be the best fit for my research (guidelines, standards, etc.). Hope this helps some.

    I would also ask the instructor for a blueprint on how the paper will be graded. That will give you clues.
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    If you PM me your email I will try to send you an outline!!!
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    Please can you send me a copy of the outline? I just want to have an idea as to how to go about it?
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    Me also please