Can a new grad become a CRC?

  1. I have only 3 months med surg exp and find that I really do not like it. Research is very interesting and I wanted to know if I can get into research with so little exp. Thanks.
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  3. by   GirloftheSun
    Yes, it is possible to get in with little experience. My first job was on a peds ward for 5 months. I dreaded every minute of work, it was not a good fit for me. I did some research while I was a nursing student and loved it. I went back to the same place I worked and was hired on as a research nurse. The learning curve, as with any job, was steep but it's definitely doable especially if if you made it thru nursing school. If you like autonomy, working with cutting edge ideas, and do not like constant direct patient care, this may be a good fit. You also have to learn the protocols in a lot of depth, even on a biochemical level if it involves medication. Good luck, medical research can be a lucrative career to get into
  4. by   outcomesfirst
    Ayonti - yes, you can. Start looking around and assess your skills base. There may be some part time opportunity that will expose you, get you in the loop and keep you hanging in on med surg for a year. Research nursing is often abased on networking. Also - what type of research? Nursing? Clinical Trials? Public Health? There are many possibilities. ADN? BSN? At or near academic center or military center? Check with some of your professors on possible opportunities. Check with physicians. Clinical trials can be great - but most pharma are looking for 3-5 years experience and a BSN. In the mean time - your only 3 months in, stay steady, find a support group or mentor in your institution - the first 6 - 12 months are especially hard! You are in the right place to build a foundation of expertise that will set your future up for an astonishing number of possibilities! You can do it!