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I noticed that there have been a couple recent postings asking for information and I thought I would respond. The best way to get started in research if you don't have a BSN is to seek a position... Read More

  1. by   BeachNurse
    Bumping for info. Moderator: Can we sticky this thread?? Thanks
  2. by   mikle
    Hello! I'm currently doing research for pharma companies, here in the philippines. They are requiring an allied medical BS degree. What about in the US? I'm interested to work in the same field, but since im not yet an NCLEX passer yet, could i still apply as a Clinical Research assistant? What are the qualifications to be an assistant? If you apply in a hospital as a research assistant are you still required to do 40hr/wk? Or would you just be required to do patient visits and just finish the paperworks and you're required to do within the timeline?
  3. by   SaudiNurse

    I'm doing my master in community health (thesis stage) my thesis about level of stress among nurses in certain population and coping strategies..
    I'm wondering if anyone know about helpful researchers agency who can give me a hand in such thing ?
    Thanks for your post
  4. by   RN2RN
    Hi I have BSN and am currently working in North Carolina, thinking about moving to DC area and planning to work in research, I do not have any prior research experience. so how should I go about it, please help me!!!