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:cool: Hi all! This is my first post...just registered today! I found this BB to be very good for nurses to communicate! I was wondering tho, are there any clinical research nurses out there? ... Read More

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    Hi, Im a nurse in the philippines undergoing MSN. Apparently i need to revised my research study and i really want to research more on clinical problems/scenarios. hoping someone can lead me to a question.. hehe thanks so much

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    Wow! I haven't checked this BB in some time! Wish I had! There really are other CCRC's out there!

    We just had our local ACRP Christmas Dinner/Meeting tonight! What a great evening! Our guest speaker was the head of our IRB and we talked about Consenting /Assent of Children in Clinical Research.

    I am doing about 9 studies at the present time....
    2 in Arthritis
    1 in Sickle Cell
    1 in Obesity
    1 in Psych
    2 in Hematology
    1 in Fabry's Disease
    1 in Wound Care

    I am also on a sub-committee for the University IRB. I too LOVE my job! I have been doing research for 10 - 11 years now, and would never go back! If you are looking to relocate Sue, Washington University in St. Louis is great!
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new grad RN, but have been working in pharmaceuticals/biotech for the past 7 years. I recently got hired on a tele/transplant unit but I have shoulder impingement syndrome, so my start date has been put on hold. My doctor cleared me to work recently, but now I'm having another flare-up of the tendonitis. I've been going to PT 1-2x/week for the past 4 months.

    I still am working at my current job with a pharmaceutical company, and there's a position open for a CRA I that I'm considering, mostly because I'm afraid that I won't be able to do my job as a hospital nurse.

    So, I'm wondering, is there anyone here who went straight into clinical research without having to work on the unit or floor? Or, if you have any advice for a nurse in the "injured reserve" I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

    Hello, I am an ED nurse that recently started looking to go into Pharmaceuticals. I am interested in any drug safety initiatives or CRA positions. I saw your post, though a year old, figured I'll try my luck in following up with you. Did you ever take that CRA position? Any recommendations on the Pharmaceutical companies out there that are hiring for CRAs?
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    When I come on to this site I see many people posting wanting to know how you get into research. I want to try and answer least what I have found to be true. I speak as someone who works as a Clinical Research Coordinator. And where I work they also refer to us a Research Nurses. Though it is my understanding that a Research Nurse is generally a PhD prepared Nurse who performs research....but I am off on a tangent.
    First, there is not really a national standard that dictates a certain type of credential in order to work as a Research coordinator. I have been to Coordinator training as well as Investigator Meetings to kick off a study and the group is diverse. While many are nurses (LVN, RN) there are MA's, and I have heard that there are coordinators who do not have a medical background at all.
    As far as how do you get into just have to look. Many places that advertise for research coordinators are willing to train. I personally think that a medical background is most helpful in getting a job since a large amount of your work is screening subjects and getting a detailed medical/medication history, and in many studies certain meds or conditions will exclude a patient from participating. Also, it is a plus to be able to read/interpret labs and other diagnostics since you want to be able to flag important ones for the MD's immediate attention. Here in San Antonio medical research is HUGE, so there are tons of jobs, hospital, doctors offices, and we have two different companies that do Phase 1-4 where patients may stay a weekend to 30 days in the facility.
    I am getting a little long....sorry. I want to end by saying that working in research and coordinating studies can be fun, but can also be tedious. The paperwork/record keeping is demanding. You have to be organized and detail oriented...a tendency towards obssesive complusive behavior is a plus!!
    Never forget.....He who has the most paperwork wins!!!!

    Thank you for the brief synopsis about research nurses. Wanted to know if you have any recommendations as to the prominent companies hiring RNs as CRAs right now. Currently, I work as a ED nurse. I am looking to get out of bedside nursing and get into Pharmaceuticals. I am looking to just deal w/paper work as long as it's still deals w/medicine to some capacity. I am open to suggestions on other positions that demands a medical background but doesn't require clinical work. Thanks for your feedback in advance!
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    I worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a large University here in town for 5 years. It was neurologial studies. I've since moved on to other things, but I went for an interview for a ccr position at the same university last Friday for oncology studies and while interviewing I saw how everyone I spoke to or observed in the office were so s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d out! I've decided not to accept that position and to accept another one that doesn't seem to be as stressing. I love working in research but the working conditions do seem to have gotten worse, at least here.

    Good day... what is the difference between clinical research coordinator and clinical research associate? I am an ED nurse looking to get out of bedside nursing. My sister is a senior CRA at one of the pharmaceutical companies. I am looking to get a position as a CRA. Yet, I see most nurses talking about CRC positions. What's the difference? Thanks for your response in advance!
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    I have been working as a research nurse for the last4 months. I am not able to to do it full time, I work in an oncolgy/gyn office and I do the research in between. Right now I have 5 pts which I follow. I worked on a rehab floor prior to this and I was really ready to get off the floor and off 12 hr shifts. So far it is working out well, some of the data management stuff can be sorta tedious and requires alot of time. Some days I will spend hours going over labs and values. Of course, the more I get familiar with a protocol the easier it becomes and I am still learning. I think I would like to do this full time at some point. I really like working "alone" which suprised me some. The hours and the pay are good and I am exloring a different kind of nursing

    I am curious... what is your title then? Are you a CRC or is it called Research Nurse. I am looking to get out of bedside nursing and just do office work. I've been applying for CRA positions. I wanted to clarify.. does your job entail any clinical work or is it just paper work & travel?
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    I was reading some of the posts here but I didn't see a clear answer about how and where to apply for clinical research nursing. does anybody know research nursing in california ( bay area )? thanks!

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    I have just started working for a gyn/oncologist, I work in the office as well as keep up with the research. It is a full time job, there is alot of paperwork to track and you have to stay on top of things/ so far I really like it but I still have alot to learn. I will be going to a national conference in Jan so I hope that will help some

    Are you only involved with paperwork or do you still do some clinical work also? I'm a ED RN looking to leave bedside nursing for good and I'm still working on getting a clear distinction on the kinds of research positions that doesn't require clinical work. Thanks for your feedback in advance!
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    Hi. I'm currently in a non-nursing field and I would like to be a clinical research associate or coordinator. Can someone please tell me how I can get to this goal? I live in the Philadelphia area. My undergrad degree is science related but not nursing. I would like to get into public health or something to do with regulatory work.



    My sister started our just like you. Her BA was in biochemistry. She worked at University of Chicago in the lab and then Children's memorial hospital in a study with this MD. She got a position as a Clinical Research Coordinator using According to her, "it's a numbers game". Everyone will tell you you need this many years of experience but at the end of the day, you've got to get your experience somewhere. So just keep applying away, even for positions you don't feel like you qualify for. Pretty soon, a recruiter will see your resume and give you a short anyway...

    This is just incase you haven't gotten into the research field yet.. since I know you posted this 3 years ago..
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    I was hired straight from beside nursing to a position as a clinical research monitor and later a coordinator at a clinical research organization (CRO) at the university in our town. The title clinical research associate (CRA) at this CRO was a monitor. I was given 7-8 hospitals throughout the U.S. & Canada and was responsible in how they conducted the studies at their sites. A coordinator oversees the monitors and ensures that the medical events are taken care of and other, mainly, administrative events. The clinical research associate (CRA) that works directly for a pharmaceutical company, travels to all the sites that are in studies that she is assigned to. She reports to the CRA or study coordinator about their sites, helps completes case report forms (CRF) and inspects the individual sites to see if they are conforming to the study(s).
    This was how it was set up in the department I worked in. I'm sure it is set up differently in other places.
    I also worked as a study coordinator in a doctor's office. I interviewed potential subject, completed CRFs, lab draws, and other tests required for the study(s).
    I hope I didn't confuse you.
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    Thank you BoomerRN, any tips on how to get into the CRA field. I've sent my resume out to pharma recruiters and they all come back saying I need 3 years experience in the research field. I am ready to get out of bedside nursing and know that this type of position will be better in leveraging my nursing knowledge. Thanks for your response in advance! And No, you didn't confuse me. Thanks again.
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    I am happy to be her in forum.
    Could any CRA/CRC tell me more about Clinical Research Nurse work in NY and NJ, I am RN from Israel
    2005 to present- Clinical Research Nurse, Governmental Mental Community Clinic, Israel and The Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions,University of Haifa.
    2009 to present -Coordinator@RN of Janssen-Cilag ,Israel..
    NCLEX passed in 2008;
    RN incense in NY Boars of Nursing;
    Master of Arts in Nursing (2003)

    IELTS passed in 2007

    I am a Green Card winner 2010, how could I start my carrer? Thanks a lot.
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    I came across this thread so i thought i would ask. Im new to college to be a RN. Im not sure what field I would like to go into. I love children and I wanted something more towards clinical. What exactly do clinical research nurses do anyone? Whats salary like? Thanks everyone!