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I need ideas for a research project.. CRNA focused.

Anyone have any brillant ideas?


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aren't you at CSU-Fullerton? do you have to do a full research project? just curious.


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uh, when I come up with more than one, i will be glad to share. I unfortunately haven't even thought of one for myself yet. hmmmm

I can think of great projects, but I am not able to piece thme out and find something that is doable in the short time we have in our program.



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One suggestion I have heard recently was evaluation of fenoldopam in CABG patients for renal protection. Measure Creatnine levels for patients who received VERY low dose infusions in perioperative period compare to those who get low dose dopamine or whatever the standard is where you are.

Qwiigley, CRNA

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Good Suggestion LCVG, Thanks.

Yes, I'm at CSU Fullerton. I am under the impression that we have to do a full study. I will know more next Monday.

It is true, it is hard to come up with a study that won't take 500 pages and 15 years to complete. i want to do an excellent job, but I don;t want to get ridiculous, which I tend to do sometimes.


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Thought of another one.

There have been post marketing reports of seizures with sevoflurane. The FDA mandated that they place a warning in their insert.

One study in Helsinki Finland (not published in US journals) showed a high rate of epileptogenic activity in adults who were hyperventilated and in children regardless of ventilation. They stated that the EEG activity was similar to what is seen with deep enflurane anesthesia.

At any rate EEG activity with sevo induction and or emergence, would be an interesting study.

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