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Research for Fundamentals of Medical Case Management Course

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I am currently in an RN-BSN online program with emphasis in Medical Case Management and one of our assignments is to research case managers/care coordinators from 2 different perspectives. I have chosen the nursing and social work perspectives. I have included a questionnaire below, if anyone is interested in helping out by completing the questionnaire it would be greatly appreciated. Your name will not be included in the project.


1. How long have you been a case manager/care coordinator?

2. What are the educational requirements for your position?

3. What is your educational background?

4. What is your specific job description/function?

5. What other areas in case management/care coordination do you have experience?

6. What are the Pros/Cons of the profession?

7. Do you belong to a professional organization and if so, how has this been beneficial to you?

8. What advice would you provide a student regarding the profession?

9. Is there any other information you believe would be helpful to know?

Again, I will not use your name and please do not list your employer. I appreciate any information you are able to provide.

Thank you.

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You might find it more helpful to just call your local hospital. I did a similar assignment when I was in school and that’s what I did. They were really helpful and I got to go and sit and talk with a few different people.

I've noticed on here when it comes to assignments like this, it’s rare people answer the questions. I’m not sure why really. Maybe because the assignment is supposed to allow you to go and actually meet with the person and have a discussion. On the other hand, just posting the questions on a forum and having people answer them, that’s all you get. No discussion. Also, probably the biggest thing, just because someone online says they have xyz experience or work in xyz position, that doesn’t mean they really do. I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with people on this forum and I don’t doubt that most are exactly who they say they are. But when it comes to online you can never truly know for sure. Just my thoughts! Hopefully someone does answer your questions for you! But just in case, I’d call around to local places near you. I’m sure you won’t have an issue finding people in a place near you that will be willing to sit n chat with you!

Good luck!

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