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I'm a nurse from Brazil and I'm applying to CES trough CGFNS.

I'm from a small city in Brazil so I think I am the first one to apply for the CES in my school. They have no idea how to fill the "request for transcript form" and asked me if I could help them with this.

How can I make sure they won't ruin my application? Are there any minimum requirements that I should be aware of? Should they just classify all courses I took according to the available areas of study in the CGFNS form?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


The minimum requirements depend on the state you're applying to. I don't know of any easy way to know whether CGFNS is going to consider your school's education adequate for that state, unfortunately. I've heard they even sometimes approve one alumnus's application and not the other. Just have them be honest, and hope for the best. Yes, try to incorporate all of your classes into the categories CGFNS has; American nursing schools usually teach like six subjects, but schools abroad sometimes have twenty. Most of those are actually what we would consider adult medical-surgical topics.

If parts of the application aren't filled out correctly (according to CGFNS), they will send another form asking for more information or clarification. Don't worry about the application being spoiled; they'll just keep asking for more until they have the information they need. Whether your education qualifies is something else altogether.

My husband is the first to apply from one of his schools, too. It's been a LONG process with a lot of back and forth communication to get those papers filled out. Hopefully you have better luck.

Thank you so much Bonnie.

Just one more question, if you don't mind.

Can my college hand write all the info, or should they type it? And also, did your husband put the hours in terms of actual hours or weeks? (Someone else on this forum said they are only taking weeks as a measure of time).

Thank you again!

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