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Request for EPIC-Stork charting help

by Lizaviles Lizaviles (New) New

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Does anyone have an excellent cheat sheet or a training tutorial used in their facility that they can share that teaches EPIC Charting in the world of L&D.

I am new to L&D and new to EPIC charting and would like to have something to guide me in EPIC charting. I'm a "mark off as done" type of person so a checklist would be very helpful until I get the hang of things.

I've looked on line and have found very limited information.

Information- cheat sheet or tutorial on Watch Child would also be helpful.

Thanks so much!

My best advice is to add the shift and admission required docs columns into your patient list screen and when they turn green you've done everything required for the day. Also when admitting a patient go down the admission navigator from top to bottom and then the only thing you have to do is add your IV if you've placed one, everything else is covered. I know nothing about stork but we use EPIC in our L&D and this helps me make sure all my stuff is done.