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Does any one know what is the procedure for reprocity? If so, what do you have to do? How much money did it cost? Compact states mine is not on the list. ...darn :(

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You have to contact the Board of Nursing in your target state and ask them what they want.

Sometimes it's just confirmation from your present state that you have a license (plus the fees, of course); often, it's your college transcript (which you will pay for), sometimes it's fingerprints with or without a background check (all of which you will be paying for), proof of current CE, or a requirement to take a state-specific CE. Or all of the above.

Some states will not grant you licensure by reciprocity even if you have an RN license in another state if they don't approve of your RN program. California is very strict about that, but they aren't the only ones. There's a program in Indiana, I think, that Indiana will give you a license but many other states won't, even if you passed NCLEX. You'd have to take some sort of remedial education or clinical time, whatever they want, before they'd give you a license.

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