Repetition of Prerequisites?


I am so stressed! I need a 2.5 min GPA in my pre req's. I took Physiology this Spring and passed with a C, This summer I took Microbiology like an idiot and I was only 3.2% away from getting a B but needless to say I passed also with a C. I am enrolled to take Anatomy next semester so I MUST get a A in order to achieve the 2.5 GPA. My school (San Diego City College) says that they dont allow you to repeat a class for a better grade unless you received a D or F. Did anyone else experience this and how did you overcome? I dont want to give up and I have gone this far but sometimes I feel like I am not smart enough... I wish I could quit my full time job but right now I cant. I have 2 kids at home and a unemployed husband but I was hoping to quit when I started nursing school. To any National University Students out there, do you know of the GPA requirement? I know their website says overall GPA must be 2.75 but it doesnt list if you need a certain GPA for the pre req's. Any help is appreciated. :saint:


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Have you talked to the dean of life and health sciences? At my school, you can actually retake a course that you received a C in as long as you petition to repeat it and if the dean allows it. At my school, you can do this once every 30 or so units.


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First try what lightsnoise suggests if you really want to take it again at the same community college but if you can't petition, try taking a course at another community college.


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I agree with mlok. Take it at another community college. I ended up with a "C" in Micro and I am apply for post grad programs which require an "A" or "B." So I am going to another jc this fall.


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I can't remember National's specific GPA requirements, but I had to cross it off my list when I was applying to nursing school b/c my GPA was a 2.70 (they look at the last 60 units attempted as well as your pre-req GPA).

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