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Hello all. I'm trying to find the best NCLEX qbank sources as a repeat test taker. I have done archer and failed at 145 questions. I know UWorld has high reviews but it's so damn expensive. I know I lack content but I think I've found a few resources to help with that. However I'm trying to figure out which banks would be more helpful in answering NCLEX style questions. I know I'll get a bunch of random things thrown at me but I just want to feel more confident in answering the questions. 


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Have you called the school you graduated from? Many schools have "Student Success Professionals" to help with test anxiety, ability to retrieve information, even sessions with faculty who work with you on a one to one basis. Do not be ashamed to call them....they already know you failed (they may not know it was you although they know is 1 person failed)  BUT they want to help you achieve your professional nurse status. 

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I think having a tutor is an asset when you struggle with tests. Group studying is also something that has really helped me over the years - speaking out questions and going over why answers are right or not is very helpful is critically thinking about which answers are right.

I believe when studying it's also important to get straight to the point - when you know you have a weak spot in a certain topic I would focus most of your studying on that. Use flash cards, test banks and study guides to consolidate your notes on the need to know information.

UWorld I heard is useful in coming up with acronyms for common patient diagnoses. For myself. Kaplan was extremely helpful because the questions appeared harder than they were on the NCLEX. I liked the select all that apply questions because they cause you to critically think about what the question is asking. 

If you do not wish to pay for these programs - there are many resources on YouTube to assist in your studying

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If your school used ATI, I found that it was super helpful. I just went through the test bank as much as I could. Pocket prep is also a cheaper way to get practice questions in!