Renting books?


I'm considering renting some books for my first semester of nursing. Did anyone feel like they referred to any of their books (like fundamentals or med surge) after that particular semester was over??

I think I'd purchase some books like a drug guide and med dictionary and even a dosage calculation book.


RENT RENT RENT, as I said in your other thread. It's the best cost savings. is great. When it's time to send them back, put them in a box and print out the label from the site, tape it on, and drop it at a UPS drop.

To buy outright, perhaps an APA style guide, drug guide, care plan book, med-surg, and pathophys. But really, when you want to use a text for reference later on, just go use the library's version for a few minutes. An online drug guide like micromedex or epocrates on your phone eliminates the need for a drug book, but it depends on the hospital policy if you can use that during clinical.

The single best purchase for nursing school is the yellow Saunders NCLEX book. The study questions work during school and teachers like to use NCLEX style questions on exams. Sometimes very similar ones, depending on the teacher. It helps you quiz your mastery of a topic, and gets you used to the format before you graduate.


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I use certain books (like med-surg, maternal child, and psych) all 2 years of nursing school, so there would be no point in renting. I also use maternal-child and med-surg all the time in clinical, and I would never consider owning them temporarily. The ONLY book I might consider renting would be fundamentals, but I didn't personally. My books are well loved and well used.