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Hi all,

I'm going to be relocating to Reno with in the year. Finally moving back after quite a few years and I'm very excited. I'm not sure which hospital is better at this point - I beleive both StMary's and what use to be Washoe Count I think is Renown or something like that now are both union. How are the unions? any other good options in the valley? Thought about even looking at the new Carson-Tahoe hospital down in Carson city - any info?

Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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All 3 hospitals seem to be well liked. Wages and working conditions are similar. I worked at Renown for a year before relocating to WA state and I liked it...didn't love it...but I liked it.


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ok thanks for the info, I'm going to talk to all three see what might fit the best for me.


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I am still in the process of getting my nursing license, but from a mom's perspective, here's my :twocents::

Renown has the image of doing better than when it was Washoe. That was where I had my second child back in '04 and I had a lot of negative feedback from lots of people about WHY I'd want my child born THERE. I still liked it :). I loved my choices of Doctors associated with the hospital & I was always treated respectfully.

St Mary's has that air about it. I've never been there, I've never dealt with them... but I'm told it's the best hospital in our area.

I have had many trips to Carson Tahoe Hospital (I have two boys that are all boy), and I can tell you that when I get my RN license, won't apply there :madface:!!! It seems that there is a bunch of mis-communication in that hospital no matter which department you are talking to. I have a friend who is a nurse there and she doesn't have many positive things to say about it. All the way down to their medical insurance that they offer their staff. She had to get private insurance for her daughter because of the cost/coverage that the hospital offered was a waste.

Sorry I don't know much about the Unions regarding the hospitals. I'll have to ask my friend and see if I can find out more info for you. Where ever you land, I wish you luck! Maybe I'll see you in the area! :hpygrp: