Renewing CNA license when starting RN program soon?

by Cnlee12 Cnlee12, CNA (New) New Student

Hi everyone,

So my CNA license expires in Feb 2020 and I start the RN program in Jan 2020. I'm not currently working as a CNA, but am thinking of going back to work as one. Will I still need to renew my license if I will be in the RN program anyways. I know that RN students can work as a CNA after a semester or so, but would I still need to renew it if I want to work as a CNA during that time. Or should I just let it expire and wait the semester until I can be a CNA as an RN student? I'm in CA. Thanks.

Rionoir, ADN, RN

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If you want to work as a CNA you still need to get your license, so yes I would renew it. Being in school just lets you sit for the licensing test. At least that’s my understanding of it in my area.

verene, MSN

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If you think you will want to work as a CNA it is worth it to renew it. In most places being an RN student just allows eligibility to sit the exam and gain certification, so you might was well renew and save yourself the time and energy and money of retaking the exam and renewing later.