Renal nurses, pls help..


Hi everyone, I just moved here to LA from the Philippines and I was wondering how do I get to start my career here as Hemodialysis Nurse. I already took the NCLEX and passed in 2010. However, I was not able to provide the CA BRN was social since I don't have one that time. Long story short, I now have my social security number and re-submitted all the documents that were requested by the BRN. So now, I'm just waiting for the Certificate and my license to be issued to me. I've been working as a dialysis nurse in the Philippines for 3+ years.

My questions are:

1. Do dialysis centers or hospitals here consider work experience from a foreign country? if yes, did they look for your Certification or ID as renal nurse? (I was not a certified renal nurse back home because the institution that I used to work to did not require us).

2. Do I need to get a certification here as Hemodialysis Nurse so that employers will consider on hiring me? If yes, were do I get that? Do employers hire nurses without certification?

3. Do I need to get BLS/ACLS certification before I even apply for a dialysis nurse position?

Hope anyone could help me with my inquiries. I know I don't have my license yet, but I don't wanna waste time waiting. I just wanted to know these information so I will have a head start on my career.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day.