Remote nurse working while in another state?

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I am starting a new remote job and I live in a compact state and have a compact license. Are there any laws against working while visiting a state that I’m not licensed in? I’m traveling to NY for a medical appt and was hoping to take my work with me. It would only be a few days. Thank you 

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I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think it matters where the NURSE is - it matters where the company is, and/or where the patients are. I work for a large health network based out of MN, but we have some clinics and many patients who live in WI. So even though an RN at our organization doesn't and never would physically work in WI, because we might be doing phone triage for a patient in WI, all RNs who work at this organization are required to have our WI licenses as well.

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