Relocation infomation


Hi, just looking for some help with potential relocation and job info.

I'm a RN in New Zealand and have worked 2.5 of my 3 years of nursing working in the Waikato, at one of the countries NICU's.

I am interested in possibly relocating to Boston and know the registration is a bit of a process but mainly wish to know which NICU's there are 'best' and level 3.

Also any info of a 'day in the life' of any nurses who have worked in one of these units would be awesome. :)

Much appreciated

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There are many NICUs in the Boston area. All the big teaching hospitals have them as well as some of the smaller community hospitals. You will find NICUs at: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Children's Hospital, Tufts/New England Medical Center, Boston Medical Center as well as at South Shore Hospital, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. Winchester Hospital may or may not have one. Newton-Wellesley has a level II specialty care nursery but not a NICU.

That said, while there are many NICUs around, jobs in Boston are very tight. I know someone who worked as a NICU nurse in Florida for 2+ years and hasn't been able to land a NICU position in Boston since moving back two years ago...