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I'm new to the site and thought it was a great way to gather information. I am a newish RN (2 years experience) and looking to relocate to the USVI. I was interesting in working on either ST. Thomas or St. John. Does anyone have any experience in doing this? Any suggestions/tips would be much appreciated!! Thank you!


i also am not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place so please let me know if I should do something differently!

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Check out the travel nursing forum. Lots of info there.

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I worked with a nurse who had worked in the USVI, and recently went back. Apparently, life is very expensive, drug-related violence is getting worse, and it's very hard to find a job if you aren't a traveler. The only part of the US with a higher unemployment rate is Puerto Rico, and Puerto Ricans are leaving for the mainland in droves for the same reasons.

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