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Relocating to San Antonio

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by Sara Deyne Sara Deyne (New) New

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Hello all, I'm possibly relocating to SA and am wondering if anyone can give any insight to RN (BSN) pay scales there? 

I have 4 years experience in Cardiology Step Down and am currently in Amarillo.

Thank you 🙂

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iLLyPhilly20 has 7 years experience and specializes in Career Change- RN for the WIN!.

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I am a nursing student, but I hope I can help you.  I am currently applying for jobs myself.  In regards, to nursing pay San Antonio is one of the lowest paying cities compared to Houston or Dallas. Many nurses I have worked with as a Tech all have a prn job (psych hospital or specialty hospital) to be comfortable, working about 3 ft shifts and 2 PT or PRN. A nurse I worked with stated she made 25 at UHS (University Health), another said told me they were started with 27. Many nurses have went to UHS and have taken a pay cut, bc UHS have 4-1 ratios (acute) and 2 or 1-1 (high acuity), but you may make less. I was told UHS does not give extra for certain specialties (ICU or oncology) per a current nurse, who transferred there. Other facilities will give you 6, 7, 8-1 (Methodist Main 6th floor, 6-7:1, and  Baptist 7-8:1), which is not safe. But you may get a sign on bonus or high pt loads, so think why are they offering extra money? Nurses are running away. (Christus and  Baptist). Christus Santa Rosa (babcock) has team nursing (One RN, one LVN and a tech with about 15 patients).  I was informed to go for the ICUs, I go to Christus Rosa, a new nurse makes 24/hr not sure about experienced). So I do not have the exact numbers for what an experienced nurse makes, but think about location and trade off. SA has less crime than other Texas cities, good schools, and nice neighborhoods. 

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