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Relocating to Plano


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Wife and I are both RNs. She has been a RN for about 15 yrs and works Tele, I have been a RN for about 12 yrs and currently work ER. Curious as to what to expect in pay for the Plano area. We live in the Sacramento area of California and know pay will be alot different but so will be the cost of living. Also any of the Plano or Dallas hospitals that are more likely to pay better. Any of the Dallas hospitals that would be an easy commute from Plano? I have done some researching on this website and see that jobs are not as easy to find nowadays in the Dallas area but are still available. Very interested in moving out of California and back to my home state.

I used to live in Plano and I still go back every now and then and stay at the parents place. I work at Parkland in Dallas its about 20/25 min from there (depends on traffic, highway 75 always sucks!). I have noticed that THR has lots of RN positions posted. Tiheres Presby in Plano, Medical Center of Plano, and Baylor has Plano locations too. Other than that, there are lots of hospitals in the area/DFW to try. Just ngsearch the hospital system job pages. Like HCA, THR, Baylor. As for pay, I am not quite sure because I am not working as an RN yet...still trying to get a GN position. Hope you two have better luck with finding a jobs!


Specializes in ER,ICU,Tele. Has 12 years experience.

Thanks bananas. Do you know off hand if any hospitals offer 8 hrs shifts?

Also, for hospitals that are 12 hr shifts is OT ie time and a half paid after the first 8 hrs of your shift or is it payed after 80 hrs in a pay period?

Hmm. I can't really answer those OT questions as I do not work full time, just PRN until I find an rn position. I know at Parkland they do 8 and 12 hour shifts and I think overtime starts after you reach you full time hours for the pay period? Which would be 72 hours (if you work 12s) or 80 (if you work 8s). Your best bet would probably be to call around to HR depts and just ask them.