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Hi all,

I'm an RN considering a move from southern CT to Pensacola, Fl. I am considering employment at Baptist or Sacred Heart in critical care.

I am aware of the drastic difference in climate and environmental factors. I would appreciate any input you might have on work conditions at either facility, work ethic, salary information. or anything else you'd like to share.

Thank you kindly,



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I'm a nursing student at the University of West Florida located in beautiful Pensacola, FL. However, it was a lot more beautiful before Hurricane Ivan swepted through here. Still lots of blue tarp roofs.

Anyways, my mom works as a dietitian at Baptist and absolutely loves it. They were recently ranked as one of the top places to work at and have a very high customer satisfaction rating.

I don't know too much about sacred heart, but I am having my clinicals there this semester, so I will in a few weeks. I know it is a very nice facility, huge actually.

Pay I think is a little lower than average, but not a high cost of living. Winters are mild- i think it was like 60 today.

Beaches are beautiful, still a lot of crap around for the hurricane, but it is getting cleaned up. If you have any specific questions, just let me know.



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I worked at Baptist and Sacred. Neither are good places to work. However, I hear Baptist has improved, but the main hospital is not in a very nice place of town. However, I have heard nothing but raves about the Baptist Hospital in Gulf Breeze only about 10-15 miles away. Its clean, in a good area, and the managers are ethical. However, I wouldn't advise Sacred, nor would I take my dog there to be treated. I worked there several years. It looks so wonderful with their new hospital and all the new buildings and quite impressive. But dont let the outer shell fool ya. Inside you will work short-staffed, be underpaid, and they could care less if you are a specialty like critical care! You get paid the same as a staff nurse on any other floor. I you want to work for the Pharoah of Egypt, building bricks without for Sacred. I promise you, you will learn how to be very resourceful because nurses actually HIDE IV pumps because there's not enough of them. We run out of supplies too often, and of course they have no problem short-staffing and expect you to be a team member by tolerating it with a smile!

The best thing about Pensacola are their beaches. The beaches here are virtually unparalled. Sugar white sands...sea oats, secluded....awesome blue ocean. But thats about ALL!!!! After the beaches whats left??? Local bars? If your into that then okay. But if not, short of a small zoo and museum, and an occasional concert at the Civic better like the beach ALOT.

The weather in the summer is hot and humid....MUGGY. I hate it. You def need an air conditioner being from CT. It will take some getting use to for sure. The spring and fall are great! Perfect weather. Winters can be chilly but that wont be a problem for you!

Housing cost have nearly doubled since Hurricane Katrina and be prepared to pay a hefty homeowners insurance because of it. Mine tripled!!! And what makes this bad, is the pay for nurses totally SUCKS here! I am a seasoned RN with 10 years experience in all units. I get paid a mere $19.47 per/hr. In my opinion thats horrible for a seasoned experienced nurse. Sacred has a WOW (work on weekend) program which pays about $28 per/hr (last I heard) but you have to work three 12 hour shifts every weekend be it Fr/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon. You get one weekend off a quarter...if your manager doesnt cheat you out needing your body in her count.

Truthfully? When I am asked advice I tell it like it is. Ive lived her 20 years and when my daughter graduates Im leaving. The only thing I will miss are the beaches. And hey...if I want to see the beach then I can always come back for my vacation!

Good luck


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I worked at Sacred in the early part of my career when the nuns were still there it was better then, I left and went to work at Baptist for 5 yrs and yes it was hectic at times but the staff were like family the teamwork was awesome you could rely on everyone it seemed even other depts and floors (worked 7p-7a) I eventually ended up as a contract worker at the Navy Hospital a dream job, days no weekends no nights or holidays or call and for better pay. They do advertize in the paper for positions and it helps to take a job there till you get the one your interested in.


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This past summer, I visited several of the hospitals in Pensacola and surrounding areas and here were my findings/impressions:

Baptist- friendly, bad parts of town, $16.00/hr new RN

Sacred Heart- growing, very friendly, good part of town, $16.00-16.50 new RN.

West Florida- not very friendly, don't like "Outsiders", $16.00/hr new RN

North Okaloosa Med.- Extremely friendly, $16.50

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