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Relocating from Michigan advice please!

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I'm currently a psych RN with 7 years experience ( Home health, Med Surg) looking to relocate from Michigan to Henderson/Summerlin area. Not quite sure where to start.. Need license.. Job and place to stay family of 4 with 2 small kids.. Good schools? Hospitals to apply? who will help with relocation if possible.. General advice.. Thanks

Dignity Health will pay the best and offer generous relocation packages. They have two campus's. One in Henderson (Siena), one in Las Vegas near Summerlin (San Martin).

Schools are the best in Summerlin area... there are a lot of hospitals near Summerlin. Summerlin Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital, Spring Valley Hospital, San Martin, etc.

With 7 years exp. you can expect around $50/hr with Dignity Health. About $43 ish at any other hospital

Hi there!

I work at summerlin hospital and it’s in a very good area and very well kept. So I definitely suggest it. Dignity is definitely a good one as well. Do you plan on staying in psych?

as for schools, bishop gorman high school has always been talked of highly of, so I would assume that middle and elementary schools near there are also good. Summerlin is more expensive than other areas of town, but for good reason.
in my opinion, the south side of town/Henderson is much busier than the north side but also offers more.
pay anywhere will likely be higher than where you are now. However, a lot of hospitals are doing hiring freezes right now due to COVID. So it may be best if you wait, but if you can score a job you’re interested in then go for it.

let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck!