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Hi. I'm a RN with work experience in theatre. I have a double degree (Bsc Nursing and BA Journalism) and a double diploma (Dip Mass Comm and Dip Nursing). I have received my nursing registration (general div 1) from AHPRA. I am in the process of applying for Aus PR visa. I should be getting it by Oct 2016.

I have applied for jobs in Melbourne and going for interviews in June. Wonder if there are any hospitals which have a better reputation and has specialty in Ophthalmology and Oral Maxillofacial surgery. I'm trained to scrub for the above specialty. I'm also well versed in Anaesthesia and recovery.


US RN in Oz

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Hello from Melb'n.

From where will you be moving?

The Alfred, Austin, Monash Medical Centre, Royal Melbourne and St Vincent's are the major teaching hospitals. I'm unsure as to who has the best Oral Maxillofacial. I will ask one of my surgeon friends.

I literally saw a posting for an Ophthalmology surg posting just yesterday. I belive it was at Epworth.