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Relocating during COVID

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Hi everyone, I currently work at a hospital that has been taking care of its nurses very well during COVID. We haven’t furloughed any employees, and ended up redeploying many nurses. I am considering moving to the DC area during the Summer and I am nervous to leave my job during these unpredictable times. I was assured by HR at the new hospital they have still been on boarding nurses during the pandemic and don’t predict any hiring freezes. In addition, I have a friend who works at this hospital as an RN who attested to the fact that when census was down, they were floated to other units and didn’t have an issue with having to use PTO. He didn’t mention anything about the hospital letting anyone go.... neither did HR. I was also told that they are slowly starting to begin elective procedures again. I was previously offered a position at an entirely different hospital but they later rescinded their offer due to limited resources. I guess that happening with this new hospital is still a fear in the back of my head. Has anyone else gone between jobs with all of this unpredictability going on? What are your thoughts? DC is a hotspot right now for COVID. I know a lot of the hospitals experiencing financial hardships tend to be in areas where COVID is not running rampant. Some of them also tend to be smaller hospitals. Thanks for your feedback!

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