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Relocating to Canadian Province versus USA?

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New graduate RN, BSN; NCLEX passer; Recent registered practical nurse experience at an acute hospital. 

Canadian citizen; Single; Toronto, Ontario

I got an offer @ an Eastern Canadian Province w starting rate of low 30's CAD. 2 yr full-time contract w benefits. It's in a rural area, medicine inpatient. 1 nurse is to 10 patients w help from LPN & Healthcare aide. Another benefit here is I can apply for loan forgiveness since I will be working in a rural area. Nurse = 4k CAD to be forgiven for 1 year of service. It's rural so it's probably hard to find an apartment nearby. I searched online & most apartments are available 50 mins away. I think it's easier to go there & survey myself. This province is 17hrs away from Toronto.

On the other hand, a US recruiter in Maine is recruiting me with low 30's USD.  Full time position w benefits, at least 1 yr commitment. (A site visit or telephone interview will be arranged as per my schedule; no job offer yet). There is an option of doing residency. I applied to a surgical floor which I explained to get the skills or get comfortable before I eventually move on to an ICU. I am aware that the processing to US can take months. 1 nurse is to 5 patients w help from Healthcare aide during the day; 1 nurse is to 6 patients @ night. I think it's easier to find an apartment since it's not rural. Maine is 11hrs away from Toronto.

*CGFNS - Visa Screen

*Job offer

*Maine RN license

*TN Visa


I am just torn at the moment. I know it's still my decision but please advice. 

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