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Hi everyone,

Just joined this site and looking for some help and advice. I'm a 30yo male nurse and currently working in Ireland. I'm contemplating relocating to Canada (Toronto appeals to me for some reason) and i'm wondering what kind of quality of life i'd have when or if i moved over. I've ordered my prep book for the CNRE. What is the salary range like (i qualified in 2007), what is the cost of living like (i'd prefer to rent a one bed apt), i'd be moving over alone (no partner or dependants). I enjoy a good social life but have been known to get a little fond of working overtime also. I'm hearing that Toronto is very expensive from some people but others say that a nurse can live quite comfortably on their salary. Are there many jobs for internationally trained nurses? Are there good career progression opportunities? Currently none here in Ireland. I'm sure i'm leaving out loads of stuff here despite having asked what seems like a million questions already. Would love to hear from Irish nurses that have moved over in a similar situation to myself however any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks. :)

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You may get a better response if you posted your question in the Canadian Forum.

Have you contacted the CNO yet and gotten permission to write the CRNE? You will have to have your education and experience evaluated by them first. generally you need to have your BSN in order to become licensed in Ontario although there are some exceptions.

You may want to check out the job situation carefully. In most areas of Ontario jobs are scarce, especially if you don't have a specialty and/or lots of experience.