Rejected from PCNA job at Cleveland Clinic


So I submitted an application at Cleveland Clinic for a part time PCNA job at the main campus and my application was rejected. I have several reasons as to why I think I was rejected.

1. No BLS (obtaining this weekend)

2. Short work history as an STNA (4 months at a nursing home)

3. My resume is worse than I thought.

Despite this, would it be bad to ask recruiters why I was rejected? My rationale for asking them is that even though I have my own ideas as to why I was rejected, their reasons might be different from mine and I want to use this chance to improve. My family and friends say I'm dwelling too much on it and to move on. Should I post my resume on allnurses for criticism?

Sour Lemon

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NA jobs in hospitals are typically the most competitive. Your experience is minimal, so it's not surprising that you were passed over. Leaving your first job after four months may leave an unfavorable impression, as well.

Ask if you'd like, but nothing too unusual has occurred. I'd focus on building more experience and a stable employment history, then try again.

Well I can say that I was rejected my first time around also but I kept applying and I was offered a job last week. I have no experience nor do I have the bls. They provide that during orientation. I would suggest you keep applying and especially to the night shift positions if you can.


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Did you apply for a particular floor? That may be the problem. That unit may have rejected you but another unit may not. Call your recruiter and find out if you can apply for another unit. I know many units that are super short staffed on PCNA's.