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How does everyone stay motivated after hearing a rejection to the nursing program? I need to study for exams but I can't seem to get motivated after checking my application and seeing that I did not get offered a seat.

I am not giving up, but just highly disappointed. I will apply again and apply to other schools. Hopefully I get in next time.


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Just know that your application is one of very many. Keep plugging away and try to get all of your education out of the way before you're accepted so all you must do is take the program courses, resulting in graduation from both the program and the college/university at the same time.

It can be tough to NOT be offered a seat, even after a few rejections. Being rejected from nursing school isn't the worst thing possible. One of the worst things can be realizing that your behavior (and possible criminal past) from many years ago could very easily prevent you from becoming a nurse. It's possible to get through an entire program and be found ineligible to take the boards because of stupid stuff done a very long time ago. While I don't have that issue, if you ever have a desire to get into healthcare, make sure your background stays clean. How do you do that? Don't do the stupid stuff...

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