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I got my rejection letter last week for nursing school. I think since my A&P1 was not yet completed that was a factor, but I was told to go ahead and apply anyway. I am in the process of taking A&P 1, I was planning on A&P 2 for the summer, I have my english, Nutrition and I would have been ready as far as prerequisites go. Anybody else get rejected? This school accepts around 20 people and over 100 apply.



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OUCH! That has to hurt! stay strong and try again! You'll get in soon enough!


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I know how you feel. I am a junior and applied twice to the school that I am currently at and was rejected both times (they don't take many people with less than a 3.8 GPA). I was heartbroken but I realized it is what I truly want and so I applied to a different school that is only 15 mins. from here and I just got accepted this morning. Third times a charm for me I guess. But just hang in there. If it is what you truly want to do with your life then It will happen for you. Keep your head up!

I'm so sorry :o I can imagine how you must feel. But, keep your chin up and just keep will happen for you! If this is your dream, don't give up!!


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I am sorry. I am sure the fact that you have not finished the prereqs has everything to do with not getting in. If there are people who applied that have completed everything, they ill naturally take those folks first, especially if it is competitive program. You were kind of set-up, IMO. It is still a disappointment. Finish up and apply again.

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