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I am in the process of reinstateing my license in Connecticut after having it revoked 9 years ago. I was sent information from the Board Of Examiners and am trying to compile it and send it in. I dont really know what to think as to the outcome or how long the process takes. If anyone has any information that might enlighten me please send me private message. Thanks.


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Wow leatherneck, I saw your post as soon as I searched on reinstatement and I got a chill. I too am an RN, from Connecticut. My license was revoked five years ago because of my refusal to deal with my alcoholism. I have struggled for the past five years, however, I now have a very solid and multi-tiered plan of recovery and relapse prevention. I will be continuously sober for one year in just a couple of weeks and I also have that "list" from the BON. I'm very scared of it, but I do plan to give it a go in a very short while.

It's been a long day, so I am not up to typing much more tonight, but I would very much like to compare notes with you as we both head to the BON.

I hope to hear from you...

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This post is over 18 months old and the OP doesn't appear to have returned to the site. Congrats on getting help and support

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