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Hello!!  I am desperately seeking some fellow peers to chat with..  I have worked so hard and my license will be reinstated with restrictions on April 1st.. I really thought I'd be celebrating this more.  Instead I feel like 15 pages of me will be a public document online and all jobs seem to be with unrestricted license.  I'm really feeling discouraged .. kinda thinking I just should have gone on and tried to find a job with my BSN.  Any support, hope, guidance would be appreciated.  I really feel alone in this. Thanks so much!


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My license was fully reinstated in February of 2022 unrestricted and unencumbered and my discipline is completely for public viewing was trying to get a PRN position with a local or semi local agency would not even touch me received an email you are permanently revoked for applying here, very sad and their loss I have 19 years experience in acute, skilled, LTC and cardiology office and ironically my infraction with the board was because I took a water pill 10 times but have been permanently banished by these people and although I made a mistake and worked with these so called agencies who want to hold a high standard which they do not because half the nurses and aides at least on night shift sleep and do not chart very inattentive to their job or should say do not care. I honestly wish you the I hate to say luck but that we all find our home as nurses who honestly made some mistakes.