Your typical day at an in-patient dementia rehab ward

  1. Hello everyone

    I will be starting work as a band 5 RN in a dementia ward in the UK. I have had home care work experience but not in an acute care (dementia rehab) setting, and so moving into a hospital setting would be quite daunting for me in terms of 'working within the ward system' sort of thing.

    I am wondering if anyone could please provide guidance or helpful ideas about your day in similar ward including AM, PM and/or night; who to speak to when there is a problem with the patient; what is expected from a band 5 staff nurse; and everything you would like a new nurse in the ward need to know.

    Cheers, RnSunny
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  3. by   Boognish
    I've never worked in that setting, but I'm interested in what others who have done so have to say. Before attending nursing school I worked in memory care, and just started my first nursing job in a rehab facility. Working in a setting that combines the two sounds challenging!
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    i've never worked in a dementia ward, but i've just spent a week visiting my mother in one. one of the rns graduated from high school with me and has worked there for 35 years. she absolutely loves it. i'd hate it. but everyone is different, and i'm overjoyed that some people actually enjoy that kind of work and are available to take care of mom.

    i'm not sure if what you mean is that you work in a unit that attempts to do rehab for dementia patients, or if you just work in a dementia unit . . . cannot imagine trying to do rehab with dementia patients. it's hard enough to get the elderly non-demented patients to remember not to lift, push, reposition themselves with their arms after a sternotomy. i cannot imagine trying to get someone who cannot remember anything (including their family) to do things the right way so they don't re-injure themselves or make things worse.

    good luck with the job! i'd love to know how it goes.