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    So, I received a call from the recruiter after applying 2 days ago. I was ecstatic and at the same time scared. I set up an interview next week. Anyways, the recruiter asked me what position I was looking for and I said RN and she asked if I am applying for charge nurse or supervisor position. I said that I am a new grad and asking for a floor nurse position at their place. She said that they have an available position for me. She mentioned the schedule but they were kind of confusing. She said something about 7-3 in 10 days and something about 2 weeks. I asked her again but really confused and I only understood the Part Time one (4 days Fri,Sat,Sun 1 week and next week Wed). So, I asked if I can apply to all and she said that I can negotiate with the DON during interview. Anyways here is where the uneasiness starts...

    She asked me a pay rate. I am a new grad and inexperience and don't really know what to say so I asked her what they normally offer at their facility. She said that they start usually $24/hr for new grads. However she said it is negotiable as it is based on someone's experience. Again she told me to negotiate with the DON. I think this is a bit low in my opinion. I have friend who works at a similar facility and she is making $28-30/hr.

    I asked her about how long the orientation usually and she said about 3-4 weeks and that they normally do not let nurses go on their own until they are ready....Again this may change as some places might actually not stick to what they originally says they were going to do. I understand that 3-4 weeks is being generous as some places actually only have 3 days Orientation.

    I also asked the nurse/patient ratio. She told me that it is 60 patients per floor and that each floor has 3 nurses. So, in short, if I get the job I would have 20 patients. This actually made me feel very uneasy. My friend who works at a similar facility handles about 13 patients but she is not very happy and is actually quitting as she said it is a lot of workload and paperwork (she also does admission and discharge).

    I checked the facility's reviews and some were positive and most were negative and most were dated back 3 years ago.

    Anyways, anyone have any input on this?? Anyone have an Interview suggestions or tips for me?? This will be my very first nursing interview job so I am very nervous.

    Thank you!
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