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  1. Hello all,
    I am manager of a 17 bed acute rehab unit and was interested to see what other units of close to the same size have scheduled in hppd. Currently we have 9 hppd and are coming up for review.
    Any information would be appreciated.
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  3. by   ghevey
    i am also looking for answers to this question and a few others. we are persuing a model unit process to define the best staff mix to serve our patient population please look for my full post to respond to my questionaire.

    on this question here are some answers i have found on the rehab nurse list server.

    list serve answers for rehab
    our unit is budgeted for 8.5 hppd. this includes rn's-lpn's-cna's-huc.
    we are licensed for 50 beds but operate a 28 bed facility. for patient
    cnesus of 15-19, i staff with one rn, two lpn's, and 3 cna's for day and
    shift-for the night shift it is staffed with one rn- one lpn and two
    the nurses do a lot of foot work in our facility because we have long
    and all equipment is portable (oxygen hock up and suction) so the nurses

    have to walk to the end of the hall to the store room to gather
    for the patients. they are constantly up and down the halls to answer

    we are a 28 bed - level i trauma acute care rehab
    our case mix index is 1.22 for the year

    top three ric
    stroke 21%
    ortho 19%
    brain 14%

    hppd is 9.0 and this includes all nursing staff, nurse manager and unit sects. this does not include a sw.

    [font='times new roman']i am afraid my information is not going to be any help. our hppd are 8.16. this includes myself, the pai coordinator and our social worker - all full-time employees. i have a twenty bed unit but our adc has been 11 after the cms changes. the staffing for a census of 10 includes the above mentioned employees plus 1 rn, 1lpn on 7-3 & 11-7 with an extra either lpn or cna/pct on the 3-11 shift. [font='times new roman']nurse manager[color=black
    [font='times new roman']we are budgeted 8.0 hppd for direct patient care givers which includes the[font='times new roman']rns and cnas only on our in-hospital acute rehab unit which is a 8 bed unit.[font='times new roman']susan kauffman, rn, msn[font='times new roman']nursing director of snu, rehab and psych[font='times new roman']hutchinson[font='times new roman']hospital[font='times new roman']hutchinson[font='times new roman'], [font='times new roman']ks
    our hppd is about 9. it includes nm, rn, cna, and us. our rn's usually take between 4-6 patients, on rare occasion 7. we use cna's or pct's, which are cna's who have finished their first year of clinicals in nursing school. we have "therapy aids" who assist the therapists but also occasionally assist the cna's, if they are on the floor and not to busy, with transfers, etc. they are under therapy budget. we also use them occasionally after their shift, if we are short cna's and they want to work overtime. they are helpful, as they know the patients and are skilled at transfers.
    hope that answers your question.

    we run 8.07 hppd. this includes rns, pcts and unit sec (16 hrs a day). rns comprise 64% of the hppd.

    hello all !!
    i am defending the staffing budget for our two inpatient acute rehab units on monday and need some support from other facilities. dodd hall 3 is a 31 bed brain and spinal cord unit with a hppd of 7.8 -- staffing on the unit is 52% rn, 41% lpn/ nursing assistant and 7 % clerical. on dodd 4 we have 29 bed stroke and gen rehab unit -- with a hppd of 7.4-- staffing mix is 58% rn, 33% lpn/nursing assistant & 8% clerical. in terms of staffing to patient ratio we strive for a 1:5 rn and 1:6 with lpn & nursing assistants. on both units we care for many pts with high medical needs -- although we do not have telemetry nor any ventilator pts ....we do capd, lvad's , wound vacs etc.
    i would appreciate your honest feedback along with staffing numbers -- especially if your units sound similar to ours.

    we are currently preparing budgets for next year, and have run into a snag
    with our hours per patient day. we are currently staffed for 8.2 hppd, and
    administration is proposing we go to 5.2 hppd, citing numbers from hidi. i
    am very concerned with this drastic of a decrease, as our patient acuity
    has increased significantly over the past year. what are you all using as
    a standard? thank you in

    i have two types of units, snf and pmr. for the snf unit we caluclated the adc as 15 pts and hppd 5.13 which includes, for example, on days: 1 unit manager, 2rn, 1lpn and 1 cna. for the pmr unit adc 22, hppd 6.05, 1 unit manager, 4 rn, 2 lpn 2 cna. evening and nights staffing numbers change. call me if you have further questions.
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  4. by   lllliv
    i'm in las vegas and they have managed to cut us down to 5.75 hrs. then they subtract uc, manager, assistant mgr. what we are left with is not enough direct care staff.
  5. by   ratpak
    I am a manager of a 25 bed acute unit and am currently at 7.2 worked hppd. My staff is about to mount a mutiny. Does anyone have a task based simple system or is everyone using the data from NDNQI
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  7. by   DON2B
    Hello my American Colleagues from Australia

    I am a Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) of a 30 bed Medical Unit in Brisbane, Queensland.

    I am curious to discover your HPPD formula.
    Currently we use:

    Hours required to provide care (divided by) number of patients being cared for (divided by) the number of days the care is provided.

    Therefore,for example, in my unit:
    5,300 hours (in a 30 day month) divided by 30 patients a day divided by 30 days = 5.88 HPPD

    This is what I am budgeted for, and I have to factor in the non-clinical staff and activities, like the NUM, training, sick leave etc.

    Looking forward to reading your replies.

    Gidday from Brisbance.
  8. by   cpnegrad07
    This is what we use:

    I think it would work every day if
    1. the correct data is entered, which means having every staff member know what the various categories mean, and
    2. all the correct staffing positions are filled (ie. RN for RN, LPN for LPN, etc) We get short-staffed when someone calls off sick and their position is either not filled or filled at a lower level.
  9. by   RNjonesrehab
    If you get to keep the 9.0 hppd; your one lucky manager... May the force be with you.

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