rehab centers/hospitals in Richmond???

  1. I work for HealthSouth in MO and may be relocating to VA and just was curious if anyone worked in or knew of other HealthSouths (inpatient) or other acute rehab facilities. I have done a search from my own website, but hard to tell which ones are inpatient and which ones are just general rehab like sports medicine.
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  3. by   Wellness RN
    I live in Richmond, VA and I work for an inpatient rehab hospital. The name is Sheltering Arms. When you get here, you should check us out. We do have a Health South in town as well on Libbie Ave. Good luck with your move!
  4. by   mel1977
    thank you for the reply! What kind of rehab does your facility focus on? Mine, we get sub acute patients=multi trauma, Spinal cord injury, Traumatic brain injury and so forth. We get many of them straight from the hospital directly after their injury, but also work with many who have older injuries and just need a little "work" done.
    I know the HS in richmond is small-we have 60 beds, they have 40 and the patient population isn't the same either-I think theirs are more respiratory (COPD...) and Heart (CABG). Not so physically acute as ours.
    If you don't mind me asking, any idea what starting pay might be for an LPN where you are? What jobs do LPNs do? Where I am, I mostly pass meds, but sometimes I tech and other times I charge. Just depends.
    Again, thank you for your reply. I will def look into your facility!